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BLISS FABtool installation

Use the FABtool to program your Bliss blinds.


Windows 10 computer


  • To be sourced by fabricator



  • OPTIONAL, but strongly advised

  • To be sourced locally

  • USB connection


Built in or as USB dongle


  • If using a bluetooth dongle make sure it supports bluetooth V4.

  • To be sourced by fabricator

QR-code scanner

Currently support models:

  • Honeywell Xenon 1900/1910 series

  • ZEBRA DS2208


  • OPTIONAL, but for production environments strongly advised. It is possible to enter a barcode using the keyboard, but is very time consuming

  • USB connection

  • To be sourced locally

Hardware setup

Before you run the tool make sure the above hardware is properly setup:

QR code Scanner

  1. Connect the scanner to your computer.
  2. Depending on your scanner type, scan one of the below barcodes.

    Honeywell Xenon 1900/1910 series


    ZEBRA DS2208


Your scanner is now ready to be used.


If you're using built in bluetooth it should work as it is. If you're using a usb dongle, you'll need to follow installation instructions that came with the dongle.

A suggested, and tested dongle, which works by just plugging into the computer:

  • tp-link UB400. EAN: 6935364099664, link

FABtool installation

  1. Download the installation from the link below (Choose latest right under Download setup)

    fabtool installation

  2. Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

    If you encounter the below message choose "More info" and click on the below button "Install Anyway".

    windows smartscreen

The installation has finished. You can now run the tool and configure it to adapt it to your preferences:

  1. Open the tool, navigate to the File menu and choose Preferences.
  2. From there browse through the available options.

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