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FABtool troubleshooting.

Windows Defender detects the FABtool as a Trojan horse

One of the latest windows updates makes Windows Defender detect the FABtool as a Trojan Horse. As a result, (if you're on default settings) the FABtool executable is deleted right away breaking the FABtool installation.

But the FABtool is NOT a Trojan Horse or a virus in any way. To keep this tool running the short term solution is tell Windows Defender not to scan the FABtool folder for viruses:

  • Make sure you have administrator rights.
  • Open the windows security panel, and select Virus & Thread protection security_panel

  • Select manage settings under Virus & thread protection settings. manage settings

  • Scroll down and select Add or remove exclusions under Exclusions. add_or_remove_exclusions

  • Click Add an exclusion and select Folder. Navigate to the fabricator folder which is located under the current user folder and select it.

  • If windows defender already disabled the FABtool, please re-install it.

Unable to start the tool due to firewall permissions

It can happen that due to user restrictions on the computer the EASE FABtool is unable to start.

If you followed this procedure and the last permission question has not appeared, it is likely the computer is blocking firewall access. Firewall access is required because a local server is running inside the EASE FABtool. This local server will NOT access the internet and only work within the boundaries of the FABtool, but it DOES require a Windows Firewall rule adjustment. In this case user restrictions don't allow that.

Adjusting a firewall rule is to be done by the local IT department.

  1. Temporarily relieve user restrictions so a user will be presented with the last message as described here
  2. Manually add a firewall rule for the FABtool user. Some pointers on how to:

    • Locate the java binary inside the FABtool: /fabricator/easexml/dongle-server/jre/bin/java.exe
    • Use this location to add a Firewall rule and make sure it has private access:

      firewall rule

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