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Programmer first use


These instructions apply to the gen1 programmer hardware gen1 hardware


  • A small table or stand located near the hoist for the computer to be placed on (approximately 50cm x 50cm).
  • 2 mains sockets near the table for the computer and monitor to be plugged in.
  • WIFI connection or wired internet connection. The software updates over the internet.

Plugging in

You start the PowerView® Programmer by plugging in the two power cables (Monitor and Computer). The computer will start up automatically and finish by showing you the programmer as displayed below.


Enabling an internet connection

The software updates over the internet so it is strongly advised to enable an internet connection. Both a plugged as a WIFI connection are possible. Contact you local system administrator for the possible options. If you are connecting over a WIFI connection you can set the password by clicking the WIFI icon in the top right corner, select the desired network id and enter the password.


Choosing the PowerView® Programmer startup page.

By default the English instruction for programming a Roller Blind is displayed. Each instruction is an internet address. Choosing a Twist™ Blind instruction from the menu will change the address from:




If you would like to have the Twist™ Blind instructions displayed by default you'll have to change the homepage of the browser to that address:

  • Make sure you have the Twist™ blind product instructions selected from the menu on the left.
  • In your browser, Go to Menu (top-right corner), then click Settings. settings
  • In the settings menu, choose Set pages set pages
  • In the dialog that opens, select Use current pages. Your current page should now appear as an entry in the dialog. use current pages
  • Close the dialog by choosing OK
  • Close the settings tab.

It is possible you have received a completely different link to navigate to. This link contains customized instructions for your environment. Use this link in the browser address bar and use the instructions above to choose the default product instructions.


An interactive demo of the tool can be viewed here (for best experience open with Google Chrome browser)

Each instruction or product has several steps. One such a step is displayed below:


Each step is illustrated using images. When needed, the keypad is displayed with the currently active buttons highlighted. The highlighted button can be clicked with the mouse pointer, by hand on the touchscreen or with the keypad. Also PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons are displayed. When following the step-by-step instructions, these are not used, but allow a user to quickly navigate through all steps when required.

Switching to fullscreen

The software runs in a browser called Chromium. You can switch the browser to fullscreen by pressing F11 button on the keyboard to hide the address bar. Press F11 again to unhide.

Shutting down


Never shut the computer down by unplugging the power cables. Like any computer it needs to be shut down properly:

  • Close the browser (by clicking X in the top-right corner or press ALT - F4buttons on the keyboard)
  • Use the mousepad to move the pointer to the top of the screen. The MENU BAR will appear. From there, click SHUTDOWN and choose the option you want.
  • After this is completed you can unplug the power cables.

Auto shutdown

There are production sites where power is shut down completely everyday at a certain time. To correctly shutdown the PowerView® Programmer before this time you can use the tool Scheduled Tasks. From the top-left of the screen, click MENU - System tools - Scheduled Tasks.

From there, create a recurrent task: scheduled tasks

Fill out the displayed form data to shutdown your system at e.g. 17hr. daily.


For this function to work, your computer needs to be connected to the internet.



When an update is available you will be notified (currently by email). To update you need to click the update button on the homescreen.


After this a black "terminal" window will appear:


Restart the browser and check whether the latest app version is indeed loaded:


If the version is not the latest refresh the browser by hitting the F5 button a couple of times.

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