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Safety instructions

The motor may only be operated after reading these safety instructions, failing to do so might cause serious harm.

  • Do not operate a blind which in any way is damaged
  • Charging of battery operated blinds, only with suitable chargers
  • only operate the blind within the prescribed environmental situation
  • the motor may only be used in combination with the recommended and suitable power source, originally supplied with the blind.
  • A remote control is considered NOT to be a children's toy
  • window decoration motors should be replaced when the rated cycle limitation is reached
warning drop
Never drop the motor!
warning drop
Never drill into the motor!
warning drop
Do not immerse into liquid!
warning drop
Avoid collisions!

PowerView® Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack

The PowerView® Li-ion Battery Pack can be ordered as a retrofit to any existing Alkaline battery tube. Or can be ordered with any battery powered PowerView® blind

1. Delivery Conditions


Shipping regulations
Due to regulations concerning transport of Lithium ion Batteries the State Of Charge (from now on S.O.C.) can be only 30% of capacity. To assure a smooth installation process re-charging at least shortly before first use is recommended.

1.1 Package Contents

Battery pack

Wall mounting bracket (2pcs)

1.2 Optional Accessories

Headrail mounting clips will be provided where available depending on the blind type.

Clip VB

Clip VVB

1.3. Installation parts & equipment

To install the power supply and for connecting wires to the connection terminal block, following parts and equipment are needed.


hammer drill

Set of screwdrivers

flat head screws (2pcs)

wall plugs (2pcs)

2. Mounting

For installation tips of the blinds we refer to the dedicated manual of the specific blinds.
the Battery Pack can be mounted in 2 different ways:

  • Attached to the headrail
  • Wall or ceiling mounted


Mounting the battery pack should take place after the mounting of the blind has been completed. Mounting the blind with the pack attached; might cause the Battery Pack to slide out of its clips and fall, causing possible dangerous situations.
However placement and mounting of the battery pack can be prepared in advance of mounting the blind.

2.1 Headrail Mounting

Headrail mounting is possible on all EOS system headrails for VB and VVB.( excluding Plissé & Duette; Roller blinds and Twist® Roller Blind). Special clips will be supplied with the blind when the Rechargeable Battery pack solution is chosen in the ordering system. When using headrail clips the wall mounting plates can be discarded.
Mounting on venetian blinds can be done either utilising the clips, or directly on the headrail using the build-in magnets of the battery pack.
Alternatively adhesive fixing strip can be used to attach the pack onto the headrail.

  • mount the pack onto the headrail by clicking or sliding it into place.
  • you are now ready to connect power to your motor/blind and set up your PowerView® network


Alternatively, dual sided adhesive tape can be used to mount the wallmounting brackets on the back of the Headrail.

2.2 Wall Mounting

Typically wall mounting is needed on the following blinds; all CHR systems, all types of Plissé Duette, Roller blinds including Twist® Roller Blind, Silhouettes and Pirouettes.

please use this simpel procedure:

  • pick your mounting point
  • mount one bracket
  • use the pack and a level to determine the 2nd bracket's position
  • mount the 2nd bracket and the battery pack
  • you are now ready to connect power to your motor/blind and set up your PowerView® network

3. Charging

Only use a suitable charger for charging the 14.4V PowerView® Li-ion Battery pack, preferably the dedicated PowerView® charger.
Typical charging time from empty to fully charged is 3-4 hrs. For detailed information about the charger please click here

4. Storage

Storage location should be dry and out of range of any other chemical substances. Li-ion Rechargeable batteries should be recharged at least once a year.


When storing larger quantities the building insurance company should be consulted prior to storage. Local storage regulation should be consulted to ensure legal and safe storage.

5. Special features

5.1 In App Battery Indication

Due to the difference in battery chemistry the battery indication in the app will be less accurate. Received low battery indication warning might appear to be too late. This is caused by the battery characteristic of the Li-ion battery.

Important notice

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